Advantages of EInvoicing 

What is it? 

eInvoicing is the efficient digital exchange of invoices between customers and suppliers within their accounting software packages. eInvoicing removes the need to send invoices via email or post, as well as removing the need to manually enter them into accounting software.     

How does it work? 

To use  eInvoicing, both supplier and customer need to be registered for eInvoicing and use  eInvoicing certified software (such as Xero, MYOB)  Most small business accounting software providers are building eInvoicing into their products, if not already certified. For a full list of accounting software that is certified eInvoicing ready, please see  

Why use einvoicing? 

Reliable and secure – Invoices are sent through the secure Peppol network, with a lower risk of scams, fake or compromised invoices, and cannot go missing.   Invoices can only be viewed by the customer, supplier and their accounting software providers. 

Saves time and money – The automation of processing invoices reduces hands-on time processing, lowering the cost of processing invoices and minimising delays caused by keying errors and accidentally missed invoices. 

Better for the environment –  eInvoicing is paperless, reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. 

Reduces payment times – Australian government agencies are paying invoices in 5 days for suppliers that are registered for eInvoicing. 

It is only necessary to register once for eInvoicing Network, then your business can connect with all customers and suppliers who are also registered. 

How to register 

If your accounting software provider is certified as eInvoicing ready, please follow the instructions in your software to register.   

 If you would like to start eInvoicing and do not currently use accounting software that is certified as eInvoicing ready, please contact your EQ8 representative for further details.