Deep Cleaning Considerations

By Genevieve Rajakulendran

With the alarming increase in Covid-19 cases and exposure sites throughout Victoria, it is absolutely crucial that you have considered the most effective and efficient process in managing this situation if your business is classified as an exposure site. Becoming an exposure site can be a stressful time for your business, so we have provided some key suggestions to assist you if you encounter this issue.


Firstly, you must communicate to your employees, clients, and suppliers that you have been classified a Tier 1 exposure site. Effective communication is vital as it allows your key contacts associated with your business to immediately be aware of your circumstances and take the necessary precautions for themselves. We recommend that you pre-prepare an email that can be sent out to each of these three groups, so that in the chance you become an exposure site – you will be able to act immediately to inform your company’s stakeholders. Below is our advised structure:

  1. Advise staff immediately and inform them to go home
  2. Crisis Management Group to meet and confirm communication distribution
  3. Email all employees and inform them to get a test and isolate if they were in the office
  4. Email all clients and suppliers that had been in recent contact within the office, advising them to get tested and isolate 
  5. Email all other clients and suppliers, informing them that the company has become an exposure site and of the office’s temporary closure
  6. Ask staff to inform manager of their test results

Deep Cleaning Rebate

Once you have carried out your necessary communication measures, it is necessary to have the office disinfected. We advise you to approach commercial cleaners who can complete the ‘deep clean’ and completely disinfect your office. There is a rebate for this process and the following requirements determine whether your business is eligible.

Deep Clean Eligibility Requirements:

  • You must operate from a COVID 19 affected worksite in Victoria
  • Attest to have a confirmed onsite COVID 19 case
  • Have undertaken a deep clean of the affected worksite by a professional cleaning service in accordance with DHHS cleaning guidelines
  • Have evidence of the expenditure or the costs of decontamination

Further you must satisfy the following:

  • Have an ABN
  • Have an annual payroll < $3million in 2019/2020
  • Be registered with WorkSafe
  • Be registered as a trading business with Federal or State Regulator 

The rebate will provide you with an amount up to 80% of the decontamination costs capped at $10,000 excluding GST per worksite. Additionally, you will need the following evidence to qualify for the rebate.

Evidence to Provide for the Rebate: 

  • Evidence you had a confirmed COVID 19 case
  • You used an external professional cleaning service with itemised invoices showing evidence of payment and the nature of clean undertaken
  • If you are using an internal professional cleaning service carried out by staff already engaged in the business and they are not required to isolate- you will need to supply evidence of itemised internal costs incurred for the cleaning the worksite under the DHHS COVID 19 guidelines.

The link below leads you to the online application attaching all the requested documentation.